Blue city.

The Blue city, or Jodhpur as they call it in India, it is the second largest city  in the Indian state of Rajasthan. I find it enchanting almost magical. It looks like a warm ocean or an extantion of the sky in the middle of the dessert.  The city is a very popular tourist attraction, I would love to see it up close.  India is known for there bright colors especially in women during ceremonies, India even has a festival dedicated to color, this is why it is not surprising to see a whole city pained blue.    Blue City?  No electricity no central water system , toilet everywhere and anywhere, to go see India you need at least five shots, too dirty, to be a tourist attraction.  Florida has only one colorful strip and that is enough to make your head spin, think about it how tiring is it on your eyes and on your brain to adjust to blue none stop, eventually everything is going to bland in.  As a person whose coordination relies mostly on the building and different colors on them it would be impossible to navigate around.


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